You will be remembered,

Voiceless victims,whose wild cries shattered our slumber, 

As leonine flames charred the cloudless sky,

Your roar was deafening.


You will be remembered,

Your fear - white faces illumined the beacon that blotted out the light,

Waving, now goodbye - your window paned prison refused release,

You stayed put, far beyond every heroism,

Watching, with time-frozen stoicism, and without wing,

Unconsoled in the uncontrollable lashing of tongues,

Until sequestered by its febrile plumes;

Your sitting rooms, now profane tombs,

Within a gaudy pyre.


You will be remembered,

Fragile martyrs of midsummer,

Mass immolated on Mammon's filthy altar,

Whose blackened skeleton,

Now ugly, now ashamed,

Groans for justice, bereft of peace.


You will be remembered,

Lives on your spirit, furiously flame retardant,

without need of ersatz cladding,

Your promises, no bitter products of combustion savaged,

Will find a new life,

will breathe a crisp air, once denied


You will be remembered:

When we build new towers,

With concrete of community,

And steel of self forgetting,

Where cost will not be counted, and penthouses will be priceless:

At last, a loved home fire-proof, where you and your friends may dwell.


And under June's balmy nights,

You will be remembered,

You will be remembered.


David Wingfield.