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"It is time to tackle the longstanding injustices that permeate our immigration system."

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Windrush scandal: cross-government group aims to tackle 'terrible' treatment

| 22nd June 2020 | Blogging

Duwayne Brooks, a campaigner and friend of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, has agreed to join the group, in recognition of the “terrible” treatment faced by the Windrush generation. ...

I wrote Sitting in Limbo to tell my brother's story – and honour the Windrush victims

| 22nd June 2020 | Blogging

Amid protests, toppled statues, and a pandemic taking more black lives, we must not forget this scandal...

Windrush lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie: 'The Home Office is treating people with contempt

| 22nd June 2020 | Blogging

Windrush scandal: cross-government group aims to tackle ‘terrible’ treatment...

Windows of tower blocks will glow green and the bells of St Paul's and Southwark cathedrals in London will toll 72 times

| 12th June 2020 | Blogging

The anniversary has revealed growing frustration at the pace of the official response to the disaster...