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Grenfell - Now For Action

We aim to promote, help co-ordinate and support calls for justice for people living in social housing and on estates around the United Kingdom.


"There are those who turn justice into bitterness, and cast righteousness to the ground."

Amos 5 v.7

Mission Statement


You will be remembered,

Fragile martyrs of midsummer,

Mass immolated on Mammon's filthy altar,

Whose blackened skeleton, now ugly, now ashamed,

Groans for Justice, bereft of Peace.


David Wingfield


This site

This site is for people of all political persuasions, or none at all, so people of good heart and good spirit may join together to fight the insidious and hidden corruption in so much of British life. We take the struggle forward by being together, united, to fight for the dignity of those who cannot fight on their own. Join us so victims of Grenfell Tower will not be forgotten !


This site is also a source of many articles, around the topics of social justice, and social housing,  for those researching, or just reading  .  .  .  check out External Articles  :  also under Call To Action, there are various articles in groups, i.e.  Salute to Kensington Aldridge Academy Social Inequalities etc


Another useful address :           https://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com

this is the web address of the    : :       Grenfell Action Group             Working to defend and serve the Lancaster West community


AND  :  Emma Dent Coad's Blog   : :     http://emmadentcoad.blogspot.co.uk/  


"We in the community (which I am part of) cannot and will not always agree, and may argue, disagree and dissent, but what we in North Kensington have with our many and varied communities and voluntary groups is beyond comparison. We have the most inimical and impressive and tight and extraordinary networks of love, help and support that outsiders simply do not understand."

I don't think she means inimical  =  'tending to harm'   ,    but we'll forgive her  .  .  .


As a work in progress, I am also adding articles to do with the WINDRUSH scandal ;  the Khashoggi murder ; the  CLIMATE EMERGENCY,  and so on.